Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Valentine is so easy to make! First, take a picture of your child in a pose with their arm out to the side with their hand making a fist, like this:

Next, print out the photo. You have a few options, you can print them out yourself on photopaper. Or what's even easier, upload it to your local Walmart or drugstore's photo department and have them printed in the quantity you need. We used Walmart because they are so inexpensive and we even made a photo card out of them. So easy, and they even have reasonable 1-hour photo rates as well.

Once you have the photos printed, you will need to cut two slits in each card, one slit at the top of the outstretched hand, and one slit at the bottom of the hand. Insert the sucker and you're done! You can affix a piece of tape to the back of the photo to keep the sucker in place, but I've never done that and the sucker has stayed in just fine.

Happy Valentine's Day from Simple Suburban Living!


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