Monday, March 3, 2014

This is a step by step tutorial on how to perform a general cleanup on a computer running Windows Vista. This is a great process to follow on a regular basis to keep your computer running faster! The browser cleanup here will also get rid of any pop-ups or advertisements that you may get while online and the overall cleanup will improve startup time overall.

As a computer technician I go through a very similar process everyday. The most common problem people have is downloading and installing what is called adware. This is the start of more serious infections but is in it self not extremely dangerous. Adware is mostly annoying, adding toolbars, pop-ups, and slowing your internet experience down. the most common side effect of adware is search redirections. This is where things can get worse very quickly. Lets say you go online and search for something, oh, lets say shoes. So you type in what you are looking for and instead of getting a Google or Bing search result you get 100's of search results that might look like they are legitimate websites only to find out that they are all sites containing more malware. So you go down the list looking for a site selling shoes only to get more and more malware the more you look.

     Another source of problems is free downloads online. Everyone wants to get something free on the internet and, of course, there are a lot of good free things out there. However, you have to be very careful where you go, what you download, and when you install programs watch all those little check boxes during the installation. This is where the adware initially comes from 90% of the time. Below is a list of the most common adware programs that you should remove if you see them in your "programs" list.

24X7 help
Advanced System Protector
Ask Toolbar
AVG Toolbar
Bueno Chrome Toolbar
Bueno Search Toolbar
Driver Support
Driver updater
Driver Support
Driver Finder
Driver updater
Driver Wiz
Internet helper
Intetnet Download Manager
Mcafee Security Scan
Norton Security Scan
Mega Browse
Muvic Smartbar
Optimizer Pro
Price Metar
Price Peep
Price Finder
Hdef Media Player
File Opener
Storm Alerts
Unity Webplayer
Update for PriceMeter
VO Package
Yahoo software Update
Yahoo Toolbar
Google Toolbar
Reimage Repair

The video below is a visual walkthrough of a very typical basic system cleanup using the Windows Vista Operating System The process is the same for any computer, however the individual steps may vary slightly.


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