Monday, April 7, 2014

Very exciting news!  On March 30th, we brought our very first baby chicks home from our local TSC store.  It took us some time to pick them out.  TSC keeps their chicks in troughs and most of the troughs were not sexed.  Since we live in a subdivision, we wanted only hens and no roosters.  Some very helpful employees explained to us that two bins were sexed, and we purchased six of the ISA Brown pullets (females).  After reading online that it is very difficult to sex chicks, we are still not convinced our chicks are 100% females, but we'll see!  Six is the minimum that we were allowed to buy.  We had only planned on 3 chickens, but are happy with our decision. 

We want to raise chickens for their eggs.  We are still not convinced meat chickens are for us just yet.  We were happy to learn that the ISA Brown chickens are very productive egg layers at approximately 300 eggs per year.  They are a cross between the Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White chickens.  They are also very docile, quiet (for a chicken) and friendly.   

This video will give you highlights from the first week of bringing home our babies.  The baby chicks will stay indoors for approximately 4 more weeks, while they grow and the chicken coop is built.  Todd started building the coop last week as well.

Thank you for watching, we will keep adding updates of our chicks and the coop.  Please let me know if you have any questions or tips for us! 

:)  Lisa





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