Friday, May 9, 2014

Here is a video walkthrough that will show you some of the growth in the indoor aquaponics garden and discuss which plants have been growing and producing the best in our system. 

The green peppers are doing exceptionally well.

And so are the beans and lettuce, we've already harvested from those plants.  It is so fun when you can walk right downstairs and cut fresh lettuce for your afternoon salads, even in the wintertime!

The current pH is still at 8.2 which is much higher than what most plants are able to thrive in. However, we have had great growth still and will be planting more of what has been growing well.  The type of rock we are using is causing the high pH (Vigoro river rock from Home Depot).

The following resources will help you determine the pH requirements for most vegetables:

In the upper-right hand section of the following picture, you can see the tomato plant.  The leaves are yellowing.  Tomatoes do much better in a lower pH, and although we are seeing tomatoes, our plants are struggling to absorb the nutrients they need.  Our solution for the summer is to stick with plants that grow in a higher pH for the summer, and grow the lower pH plants outdoors in our square foot gardens until we find a pH neutral grow media for our beds.

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