Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What the heck is all this talk about pH?? Why is it important when gardening using conventional methods or in aquaponics and hydroponics? I have learned first-hand that it's EXTREMELY important and I am working hard to correct the situation that's going on in our system right now. 

We first heard of aquaponics three years ago while on a family Disney World trip.  Epcot Center has the most awesome indoor system, and it's where we learned that you can grow fruit and vegetables without dirt.   And grow them faster, too!  Back in December 2013, my wife and I decided to give each other an aquaponics system instead of buying each other Christmas gifts.  After hours and hours of research and YouTube videos, here are the grow beds and fish tank I designed and built that is in our basement:

Today, the system looks like this:
In this video, I share some things I have learned that I wish I knew before I built this system.  As I correct some of my mistakes in the aquaponics garden, it gives me the opportunity to share what I have learned so that others do not make the same mistakes.

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For additional information on aquaponics nutrients and how to identify deficiencies please visit this great channel:

Learn more about this system:  Indoor Aquaponics System Walk-Through

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