Thursday, May 29, 2014

Have you ever wondered how plants in an indoor aquaponics system get pollinated?  This is a bit of an issue because no one wants bees living inside their house.  Well, my husband has found a very simple way to pollinate the vegetable plants growing in our basement using a tiny paintbrush. 

He is also "cloning" the tomato plants in our aquaponics system and planting the new plants in our outdoor gardens.  Tomato plants have a unique quality which allows you to clip their branches and replant them to start a new tomato plant.  We have been very successful cloning the tomato plants growing in our aquaponics system. We automatically have a jump-start on our outdoor tomato plants because the new cloned plants start out around 8-12" tall. 

In his latest video, Todd will show you how he pollinates and clones our plants.  During the video he also, ironically, gets stung by a random bee that made its way into our house!

Aquaponics Walkthrough Episode 9 - Pollinating and Cloning Indoor Plants

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  1. Loving your site. These videos are very helpful. I just started to clear a space in my basement and hope to have a system up and running in a month. Do you have a video out there for Lessons Learned? Basically showing all the things you had to do over or things you wish you had done from the very beginning?

    1. Thanks Dave! I do have the tips and tricks video that goes through some of the things I would do differently - Other than the things I mentioned there I think I would spread the system out a bit instead of cramming it all in the corner like I did. Leave yourself enough space to get around the grow beds and tanks. Other than that I have been pretty happen with the plumbing and overall design. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for following along.