Thursday, July 17, 2014

The chickens are almost four months old now.  They have been healthy, and seem to be very happy.  The automatic waterer and feeder in the coop have been working out great, so great in fact, we took a four-day vacation last week and didn't have to ask a neighbor to feed them. 

ISA Brown chickens are known for their high egg production, approximately 300 eggs per year per chicken.  Because we were told they wouldn't start laying until they are around six months old, we never check their nest boxes.  Last night, Todd and I walked out to the coop to close them in for the night.  Todd opened the nest box lid for the first time in awhile and discovered 14 eggs!  We were shocked! The girls came screaming out of the house they were so excited.

They do seem to have faces only a mother could love.  And this one appears to have cataracts already or something.  But we do love them and are very grateful for the eggs they are now providing.

We hope this encourages anyone out there contemplating raising chickens in a subdivision, or small backyard.  If we can do it, anyone can.

Still sleepy but couldn't wait to check for eggs this morning. 

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