Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Watch this video to see the latest change to the indoor aquaponics system. From time to time, throughout the life of this system, I have had the occasional goldfish die and get stuck at the screen on the bottom of the solids lifting pipe. This causes the water in the fish tank to get very high and sometimes spill over onto the floor. This also seems give the fish the idea that it would be cool to jump out and find a cooler place to live.  The floor is cooler but not as nice for them as the tank would have been!  I even have a fish stuck in the swirl filter from a recent overflow of the tank.  We just hate fish casualties, but they have happened from time to time.

I was browsing some other aquaponics hobbyist's videos the other day and came across this very simple idea to have some holes in the solids lifting pipe just above the normal water level as an overflow. I have not put too much thought into this issue but this seems like a perfect solution. Unfortunately I have not been able to re-locate the video I watched to give credit to the person who thought of this simple idea (many others probably use this also).  It's such a simple fix, I wish I would have done this sooner!

This should easily help prevent any future overflows which will be great for the fish and for our basement floor.


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