Monday, September 15, 2014

Knowing the benefits of indoor gardening and outdoor gardening really helps when deciding which plants to grow in your aquaponics system, and which plants to plant outside.

Indoor gardening can be ideal during the colder months, and you have full control over the elements.  You decide when the lights come on, how much humidity, and the temperature.  Also, there are no pesky bugs to eat your plants.

Outdoors is wonderful, too.  You have all the light you need, height for tall plants, and room to plant whatever you want. 

As with anything, you need to keep in mind the climate where you live, the length of your growing season, and available yard space for your garden.  We hope this video helps you plan out your own gardens, and maybe even consider an aquaponics system!  Click HERE for more information on aquaponics.

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