Thursday, October 23, 2014

In this video, I discuss some of the annual things I like to do to prepare our heating system for the winter months. It is very important to at least do a basic inspection of your furnace and heating system at least once per year to avoid any surprises in the middle of the winter! No one likes to be without heat and the cost of a rush service call or weekend service call can be very high. If you follow these basic instructions to service your furnace and heating components it can make a huge different in mitigating against any furnace problems.

I discuss basic furnace inspection,  cleaning, replacing filters, servicing humidifiers, and balancing the heating system for optimal air flow throughout your home. The last step is something that many people leave out of their annual routine and something I would highly recommend doing. You can have the most efficient furnace in the world but if you do not direct the air properly it will not be efficient at all!

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  1. How much does it usually cost to get the furnace repaired? We are out of the winter so I don't need it repaired right now. I was just trying to budget my money so I have enough for a repair.