Thursday, January 1, 2015

I really can't believe 2014 is over, I just can't.  It literally flew by!  I cannot remember a year past that was more memorable or more full of blessings.  We just have so much to be thankful for and we recognize it, especially as we've watched some of our friends and family go through a different kind of season in their lives this year.  Some went through true hardships and our hearts and prayers go out to them.

In just a few short weeks, we will be coming up on our one year anniversary of the aquaponics system.  What started as a Christmas present to each other last year (2013) has just blossomed into so much more.  We first heard of aquaponics when we were at Epcot Center in Disney World three years ago.  We couldn't believe how much faster and bigger their plants were growing, and they didn't need dirt!  We knew we had to at least give it a try.

We also added chickens to our backyard this year and started this blog.  Sharing our knowledge with the online community has allowed us to invite all of you into our home and our lives.  We are so grateful for the many people who have sent us emails, photos and comments.  It encourages us more than we could ever explain when we see someone building their own aquaponics system or a chicken coop of their very own. 

We keep a list of our future projects and goals and I thought it might be nice to share, in the spirit of the new year and keeping resolutions.

Our goals for 2015:

1.  Build a rain barrel collection system for chickens and the gardens.
2.  Setup a video live-stream of various areas of the homestead on our site.
3.  Add an outdoor fish pond.  Lovingly being referred to as fish "pond-aponics".
4.  Plant more fruit trees (mini-orchard).
5.  Build a homemade wind generator to power parts of our home.
6.  Build the "Ultimate Worktable" for the garage workshop.
7.  Convert our gas generator to natural gas.
8.  Build a greenhouse.
9.  Build a treehouse for the girls.
10.  Add tilapia to indoor aquaponics system.
11.  Add a curbside library to our front yard (
12.  Tour and partner with local food pantries and churches already growing with aquaponics and educating those who don't.  (This is a passion of ours, we have already teamed up with one, tour coming soon!)

Phew!  Looks like we'll have an even busier 2015 but we couldn't be more excited.  Thank you for sharing in our journey!

The SSL Family Mom

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  1. What a good list of goals for the new year! Thank you for sharing your post on the HomeAcre Hop, hope to see you again tomorrow! - Nancy
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