Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Here the conclusion of the utility sink installation.  If you haven't already, make sure you check out the first post & video where I covered the water supply.  In this video I am using an old garden hose section to complete the drain for this project for under $5. Whenever I try to do projects like this I always like to use things I have laying around before I go out and buy new parts. I would love to have done a full 1 1/2" drain pipe all the way over to the sump but had this broken garden hose laying around and could not resist trying to use it as the drain.

I picked up a couple of fittings to transition from the 1 1/2" PVC male adapter on the bottom of the utility tub to a 3/4" threaded male hose connection. Total cost was under $5 for those parts and the rest was made with a piece of hose.
The connection was simple, glue the pvc fittings together, hook up the hose, and run it over to the sump about 8 feet away. I then tested the drain rate by filling the tub up and letting it drain and running water continuously for about 5 minutes. The hose seems to keep up and drain the tub just fine so I am going to clal this a success for now.
The only concern I have is that the smaller diameter hose may get clogged easily if anything gets flushed down the drain like small pebbles, dirt, etc. I will keep you updated if this turns into a pain in the long term.

Utility Sink parts:
Utility sink -
Water supply valve -
Cheap faucet -
Tools of the trade:
Spark start torch head -
Mapp Gas cylinder -
1/2"-3/4" pipe and fitting cleaner combo tool -
Tight spaces pipe cutter -
Pipe cutter -
Lead free solder -
Flux -
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