Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How many potatoes can you grow in 12 square feet?  Each year we add a little more garden space and are always impressed with how much food you can actually grow in such a small space. This year we decided to grow some potatoes in one of our 3' X 6' raised bed gardens and the harvest was excellent!

We chose to use seed potatoes to start our plants and planted them in early May. Potatoes are a great item to grow in colder environments since you can start them well before the last frost date. Up here in Michigan that is important! Each seed potato can be cut into a few pieces and planted one per square foot. We have had a total of 12 square feet available as this raised bed was also going to have some cucumbers along one side of it.
After about 2-3 weeks we started to see all of the sprouts coming up and from there they took off! The plants got to a height of about 4' and in Mid July started to die off. This is how you can tell they are almost ready to harvest and you can really start digging them up at this point right away. We decided to let ours die back all the way before harvest just to make sure they got to full maturity.

This has to be one of the most fun veggies to harvest! We got out of gloves and told the kids to get ready for a treasure hunt. Once we cleared away the dead plant stalks we were ready to dig up our bounty. The kids loved this part! As we dug through we were very surprised at how large many of the potatoes were and how many we were getting. All in all we ended up with about 35 pounds of perfect Yukon Gold potatoes.

The next step is to just take them inside, rinse off the dirt, and lay them out on some paper to dry for a few days. Once they are good and dry they can then be stored in burlap or paper bags as long as they have adequate air ventilation and are in a cool, dry, dark place.

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