Monday, February 8, 2016

Check out this awesome smart lighting solution for your home. This is the latest addition to the Simple Suburban Living smart home and we absolutely love them so far!

These WiFi LED lights from ambiLite are easy to setup and can be used in any standard socket (U.S). The Simple starter kit that I have comes with 3 LED lights and the control module (Genie) that connects them to your home WiFi network. The range on the Genie seems to be pretty good and can easily reach from the top floor all the way to lights in the basement with no delay.

The Simple bulbs are adjustable from the app to any color temperature from 2700K to 6500k. This makes them great for use in any fixture and even grow lights if you do any type of indoor gardening in the winter months. I liked this feature as my wife and I sometimes disagree (what?) on the color our home lights should be. So now, I can switch them to 6500k(blue/white light) when she is not looking:)

The app also lets you control the brightness of the bulbs and for all of the controls you can group bulbs together or control up to four individually. the response of the controls is instant even if you are controlling them from away from home.

The app also has an alarm and sleep feature that is quite handy. The lights or group of lights can be set to come on at a certain time each day. This is a neat feature for hallways or even bedrooms where you want them to accompany your alarm clock or come on as the family is waking up for school or work. The sleep feature just allows you to delay the off command by slowly and gently dimming the bulbs to 0 over a minute or two. This is nice if you want to switch them off but still need to see for a minute before you are left in complete darkness:)

All in all these are the best value on the market for the features and easy of use. The kit can be added on to with the full range color Nabe set or more of the Simple bulbs as I have here. I will also be combining these with other smart home products for more control including motion, alarm systems etc. so stayed tunes for those products and videos in the future.

Check out the full video here

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