Monday, February 29, 2016

You know him as the do-it-yourself, gardening, chicken farming, computer geek.  But there are a few things about the SSL Family Dad that you may not know.  

He's the man of the house, literally.  He's completely outnumbered by me and our three daughters.  Even our dog, cats and chickens are all girls. He does a great job handling all of us, and he's not above doing a last-minute pony tail, or helping our youngest get in and out of her princess dresses ten times a day.

He says he hates it, but he really loves to shop.  But only at Home Depot.  You see, whenever we go to one of my stores, he stands around looking like the saddest person on the planet.  But send him into a Home Depot to buy a single item, and he never makes it out in under an hour.  Whenever I tease him, he says he has to think about his project, and talk to the sales guy, and walk up and down every single aisle, and plan things out. That's called shopping, my dear, and you love it.  

He doesn't buy any clothes for himself, EVER.  If he owns anything post-high school, it was either a free t-shirt from church, purchased for him by me, or given to him as a Christmas present from his mom.  He also went from the Army, who provided him with everything he needed to wear, to a job at a company that provided him with uniforms, so he really never found a need to buy his own clothes. He's the lowest maintenance guy I know.

If I were to sum up the SSL Family Dad in one word, it would be DEVOTED.  Everything he does, he does with everything he has.  He's either all in or all out once he makes up his mind.  I like that about him, because I tend to be wishy washy.  And after all these years, I've also never heard him tell a lie, not once, not ever.  Nothing in him has the ability to be dishonest, you can count on that.  It's refreshing, and an unusual quality in people these days.

He's a loving, committed husband.  On the days I have to work, he makes me breakfast and brings it to me while I'm getting ready.  He packs our lunches, feeds the dog, signs school papers, starts my car, he's the glue that holds our house together the days when I have to work.  He's the glue no matter what day it is.  Even if my roses come from our local grocery store, he makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world every morning because I get to wake up next to him.  I wish every person could feel the love I feel from him.

Sometimes to thank him, I pour his coffee for him, too..........

He's the best dad, period.  He loves his girls and everyone knows it.  They know it.  He's sensitive to their emotions, but he's tough on them.  And when he promises them something, he never goes back on his word.  Ever.  They know when he says something, he means it, and they trust him. That's huge. 

And holding him together at the core of who he is, is his love for the Lord.  It's the reason he does everything he does.  God is the reason why he loves me, loves our girls, why he's honest, trustworthy, and hardworking.  No, my husband is not perfect, nor is our marriage perfect, but he strives to please the Lord everyday of his life.  And that is what makes him the best catch, and the best SSL Family Dad.

And his favorite team is MSU (in case you didn't already know).

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind" ~Luke 10:27